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1991  EDUCATION MA, Video and Conceptual Art at “Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje
MA/ Visiting studies Media art and Design at “Di Belle Art Di” Milan Italy
Graduated Media art at the ADBK Art Academy in Munich Germany, Prof. Klaus vom Bruch
Graduated Art Painting at the Art Academy in Skopje, Macedonia High School for art and painting “Lazar Licenovski” Skopje, Macedonia SINGLE EXHIBITIONS Urban Sound installation “The ship that never passed” - Munich City-Kultur Referat Munich Ten years of video art - Gallery MC New York
National gallery of Macedonia “Mala Stanica”, Skopje Academy of Fine Arts Munich - ADBK, Germany Loya NGO in corporation with Pro Helvetia foundation
Bottling Jazzy music album published at Aquarius records Zagreb, Croatia First single exhibition Music School Tetovo, Macedonia GROUP EXHIBITIONS Bewegung Nachtspeicher Hamburg
"I travelled the world and the seven seas" Koninklijk Atheneum, Antwerpen, Belgium
Hamburg "Uncertain times" Nachtspeicher
Imaginarium Contemporary Video Art from Macedonia, Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen Scotland
Attitude 2016 Cultural Center Magaza Bitola
Essence of Existence, Montenegro
Halle 50 Domagk atelier Munich, Germany
Werksttat Kino Muenchen, Near Nazareth Festival ( NNF), Roma Cinema DOC, “Euro Fest” European International Film Festival St Petersburg Group Show collection of National Gallery of Republic of Macedonia
Screening “The ship that never passed” at Watch out Film Festival Tetovo, Macedonia
Screening “The ship that never passed” - Makedox FF Skopje, Macedonia
LAUBA “Essence of existence” Macedonian Contemporary Art Zagreb, Croatia
Looking At Nothing – Desire In The Future - National Gallery of Macedonia
“In search of ground” - Center of Conemporary art Baku Azerbaijan Transfiguring / One point of the view on the Macedonian Contemporary Art-Prague “Bread and Salt” group show at Palace Porcia, Vienna Austria Under Kooperacija group show “Reidentifikacija”, Skopje Macedonia Under Kooperacija group show “Utopia Distopia”, Skopje Macedonia Under Kooperacija group show “Where is everyone”, Skopje Macedonia The ship that never passed under Kultur Referat Munich and Ministry of culture Skopje, Munich Germany “Voyeur” at the Sofia International Film festival, Bulgaria Urban stories under the City Skopje, Sound installation “The ship that never passed” Life Action Game action group show National Gallery of R. Macedonia “Voyeur” Video-Screening - MediaArtLab TV-channel Regen-Screening Moscow
“Voyeur” Video-Screening - Sardinia film festival Italy “I’m from Macedonia” Video-Screening - 27. Kasseler Dokumentarfilmfestival Kassel Under Transitland Project Berlin:
Siehe Festival Los Angeles
Ludwig Museum Budapest
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid
Media Forum in Moscow Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
Transitland Europa Interspace Sofia, Transmediale Berlin
Oberhausen Short Film Festival
Split Film Festival, Croatia
Alcine Film Festival, Madrid
Film 8 Video festival Munich
Eastern Neighbours Film festival Ultrecht Holland
Kassel Film festival Germany
”In out” National Gallery of Macedonia Group exhibition “Turn” Lothringer 13 Gallery
“Bewegt” Der Kunstverein Ingolstadt, “Young art from Munich”
Video and Music Performance University Gallery, Club Pathos, Maximilians Forum,
Analog Digital Festival Munich FILMOGRAPHY “The Ship that never passed” Documentary 00:43:00
“The Lodge” video 00:02:00 “Der Aufzug” Video installation 00:06:00
“The elixir of love” Video 00:02:00
“I’m coming from Macedonia” 00:03:00
“Technology Penetrates Tradition” Doc film 00:15:00
“Voyeur” video 00:05:00
“The Gypsies” video 00:07:00
“Selection” video 00:07:00
“Filigrane” video 00:10:00
“Infantile” video 00:02:00
“Komposite” video 00:01:20
“Republic Absurdistan” video 00:05:00 PUBLISHED Music - CD Bottling Jazzy” Aquarius Records Zagreb Croatia
“Jazz from Macedonia” Single compilation SJF Skopje Jazz Festival AWARDS Nomination for “Voyeur” A38 “Kasseler Film festival
Nomination for “Voyeur” Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage
DAAD Award winner at the ADBK Munich
Award winner Best Demo CD “Colors” Multimedia George Soros Foundation “Best Painting” KiC-Cultural Informative Center, Skopje Macedonia “Best Painting” KiC-Cultural Informative Center Skopje, Macedonia